video installation, HEAD, 2018.

Tactics #01
invites the viewers to share an intimate face-to-face with five people of various genders, ages and sexualities. These five people were left alone facing a camera in a small studio and the exercise was to imagine that the camera was their lover (real or fantasized). Each video is a sequence shot lasting around 10 minutes, in which the camera, fixed and frontal, is placed on a tripod a few centimeters from the guest’s face. The action starts when, in agreement with the guest, I begin recording and then disappear from the studio. The sequence ends when the guest decides to leave the room and look for me in order to end the recording. None of the guests is an actor or a performer, and all of them could bring external elements (objects, sounds, voices, etc.) that could help them use their imagination.

Aware that the video would be broadcasted and watched by strangers, in institutional spaces or not, each person had the freedom to share what they wanted and to set their own limits. The exercise, which starts with a simple game of seduction through a camera, and then through a screen, is becoming a space of expression (silent or not) where each moment is questioned.
This project highlights different issues, particularly those related to the norms of seduction according to the context and the temporalities of the guests, those of the self-representation inherent from the construction of an image, and those of the representation of political minorities depending to the diffusion contexts. Indeed, who is invited to be filmed and to whom are the videos intended for? Who feels concerned? What are the relations of power exercised depending on the diffusion space? How to escape the instrumentalization of political minorities? 

with the participation of Lynn, Nelson, ghalas, Roland and Sélima.

installation views, HEAD, 2018.

installation views, HEAD, 2018.